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About us!

The Vancouver Animation Network is a hub for all things animation, VFX and gaming in Vancouver, Canada. It represents a community of industry professionals from all disciplines ranging from animation and layout, to rending and FX.   We provide a platform for special events, speakers and  social gatherings here in the city.


Our monthly meetups are rapidly growing but we already regularly attract over 100 industry professionals each month and maintain over 1000 members online.

Please Feel free to browse our various social media accounts or join our mailing list to stay up to date on any new events!


Check out what some of our members think about us:

"I felt very welcome and like I was a part of the animation industry even though I wasn't actually working in the industry yet when I attended last year. People are very welcoming and friendly and eager to share their experiences and knowledge."

- Akem (Background Artist)

"When I first moved to Vancouver I didn't know anyone, so I felt somewhat isolated. Fortunately, VAN was there to bridge the gap and I was able to meet so many amazing and talented people. It's not an overstatement to say it's had a significant impact on my life. For me, the meet-up was (and still is) indispensable. It's not just a gathering, it's a community"

- Jenny Galway (Animator)

"My company, Foreshadow Films and I owe a debt of gratitude to Scott Hewitt and his inspiring organization, the Vancouver Animation Network. During one of the events on 3D printing I met the fellas at Spira 3D who ended up doing the 3D printing for my stop motion short "Soggy Flakes". The meetups are a fantastic and fun way to network with the local animation industry and further my knowledge in the field. I can't recommend connecting with the organization enough, and frankly there aren't many if any groups like this in Vancouver."
- Nathan Affolter (Film Maker)

"Vancouver Animation Network's TGIF meetings are a fantastic mix of seasoned veterans (from a variety of studios and professions) with soon to be hired artists or new artists to studios (from a variety of professions) which gives the events an open and sharing atmosphere. The events are held downtown easy for commuting to and from and usually at the St. Regis (offering great hospitality and refreshments).  I recommend attending should your schedule allow and you never know you might be talking to someone with whom you will one day be working with"

- Tony Power (Production Manager)

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